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  1. Twite, Robin ; Koelsch, Verena (2014)The Management of Water in the Jordan Basin in 2010  ResearchPaper
  2. Bonzi, Christopher (2013)A Regional Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) application for the Jordan River basin (Briefing 2,2)  Sonstiges
  3. Menzel, Lucas (2013)A view on current and future water resources (Briefing 2.7)  Sonstiges
  4. Mansour, Mahamane  (2013)Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System techniques for desertification and land degradation monitoring and assessment in the Tillabéry landscape (Niger)  Dissertation
  5. Al-Karablieh, Emad ; Salman, Amer (2013)Evaluating the impacts of the Red Sea - Dead Sea Canal on the Amman-Zarqa and Jordan River basins: Using WEAP to measure future scenarios under climate change conditions (Briefing 2.4)  Sonstiges
  6. Bilton, Mark ; Tielbörger, Katja (2013)Grazing cessation – more supporting evidence for a rangeland management strategy in the face of climate change (Briefing 3.4)  Sonstiges
  7. Kan, Iddo ; Fleischer, Aliza ; Rapaport-Rom, Mickey ; Shechter, Mordechai (2013)How can land-use be adapted to climate change? An economic analysis for Israel (Briefing 3.2)  Sonstiges
  8. Marschner, Bernd ; Schacht, Karsten (2013)Land suitability for irrigation with treated wastewater (Briefing 2.11)  Sonstiges
  9. Gunkel, Anne ; Lange, Jens (2013)Modeling water resources and variability in the Lower Jordan River Basin: Learning from the present for the future (Briefing 2.8)  Sonstiges
  10. Siewert, Wolfgang (2013)Plant species cannot escape climate change but may be less vulnerable than previously thought (Briefing 3.3)  Sonstiges
Ergebnis 1 - 10 von 22    1   2   3    Vorwärts  Gehe zu Seite
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