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  1. Fenu, Francesco (2013)A Simulation Study of the JEM-EUSO Mission for the Detection of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays  Dissertation
  2. Müller, Tobias Wolfgang Andreas (2013)Planets in Binary Star Systems and in Transitional Disks  Dissertation
  3. Müller-Ringat, Ellen (2013)Spektralanalyse im Virtuellen Observatorium  Dissertation
  4. Schwarzburg, Stefan (2012)A Mirror Alignment Control System for Phase II of the HESS Experiment and A Morphology Study of HESSJ1837-069  Dissertation
  5. Doroshenko, Victor (2011)Magnetic fields of accreting pulsars  Dissertation
  6. Bitsch, Bertram (2011)Planet-Disc Interactions in Fully Radiative Discs  Dissertation
  7. Geretshauser, Ralf J. (2011)Simulation of Pre-Planetesimal Collisions with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics  Dissertation
  8. Adamczak, Jens (2010)X-ray spectroscopy of hot white dwarfs  Dissertation
  9. Hoffmann, Agnes Irene Dorothee (2009)Analysis of hard X-ray emission from selected very high energy gamma-ray sources observed with INTEGRAL  Dissertation
  10. Martin, Michael (2009)Development of high throughput X-ray instrumentation for fast timing studies  Dissertation
Ergebnis 1 - 10 von 27    1   2   3    Vorwärts  Gehe zu Seite
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