1. ITG Workshop on IT Security (ITSec) - (2.-3.4.2020)

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1. ITG Workshop on IT Security (ITSec) - (2.-3.4.2020)


Proceedings of the 1st ITG Workshop on IT Security (ITSec)

The 1st ITG Workshop on IT Security (ITSec) was carried out as online workshop by the Eberhards Karl Universität Tübingen, Germany, on April 2-3 2020.

IT systems have become the backbone of the modern society and their security is indispensable. IT security has many facets: user devices, application software, network, storage, hardware, clouds and many more. The field encompasses mechanisms to enforce security and methods to break them. Therefore, IT security is an interdisciplinary topic spanning software, hardware, networks and distributed systems, as well as issues from big data and machine learning.

This workshop contains sessions regarding

  • Performance & Deployment
  • Intrusion Detection & Pentesting
  • Attacks and Vulnerabilities
  • Project Presentations
  • Container & Cloud

Some talks discussed papers published at previous conferences, others present ongoing work for which abstracts are provided in the proceedings. The workshop program is available here.

We especially thank the Technical Program Committee: Florian Alt, Frederik Armknecht, Nils Aschenbruck, Roland Bless, Roland Bless, Joachim Charzinski, Mathias Fischer, Steffen Fries, Alexander von Gernler, Jens Gramm, Artur Hecker, Tobias Heer, Oliver Hohlfeld, Tobias Hüttner, Frank Kargl, Ioannis Krontiris, Ralf Küsters, Hanno Langweg, Pavel Laskov, Hans Löhr, Michael Maier, Holger Morgenstern, Max Mühlhäuser, Joachim Posegga, Peter Schneider, Kai Rannenberg, Hans Reiser, Heiko Rossnagel, Heiko Rossnagel, Irfan Simsek, Thorsten Strufe, Thorsten Strufe

Editors: Michael Menth, Matthias Deeg

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